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Queerness and Multipotentiality Part 2: Empowered Complexity with Niyoosha and Hannah – TMP 066

Queerness and multipotentiality: how do they relate to each other?

This question was brought up by a Puttyverse member, Niyoosha, and piqued our interest here at The MultiPod. Co-host Vanessa speaks with Niyoosha and Hannah – all 3 members of the LGBTQ+ community – and all multipotentialites.

Part 1 of this two part series covers labels, identity crises, the parallels between multipotentiality and queerness, seemingly contradicting identities, and using labels as a mechanism for change.

In Part 2, we’re covering parallels between heteronormative culture and “non-multipotentialite culture,” how people try to put others in boxes, and how to use the darkness and complexity to be empowered.

There are no clear cut answers, but there’s much exploration!

You’re about to Learn…

  • What the parallels are between heteronormative culture and “non-multipotentialite culture”.
  • How asking “Where are you from? What do you do? What’s your gender?” helps people put you in a box you may not want to be in.
  • About receiving pushback for multipotentialite or queer identity.
  • Internalizing shame for being a multipotentialite.
  • How to use the darkness and complexity to be empowered.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode