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How to Measure the Time Spent on Your Passions with Niyoosha – TMP 051

Mulitpotentialites have so many passions, so much on the go, and only so much time. How in the world do we balance it all?!

What if we could approach this challenge not with the intention of balancing everything equally, but with the ability to measure the value and importance of each passion, to give each its most effective quotient?

This is what Niyoosha has proposed for us, and she joins Vanessa today on The MultiPod to explore what it means, and how it all works.

Along the way, you’ll learn about Niyoosha’s own expansive multipotentiality, how having multiple interests and pursuits is encouraged in her native Iran, and  how she has found the opposite attitude in the United States.

We also talk about how the Puttyverse has been of such tremendous support and comfort along the journey, and the value of strong, like-minded, and encouraging community.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [1:20] Niyoosha’s backstory, coming from Iran to the United States and pursuing, simultaneously, Masters degrees in mechanical science and acting, and later performance studies, plus having a job at the same time!
  • [6:45] How growing up in Iran, Niyoosha observed it was normal and encouraged for people to pursue multiple degrees of different passions, but upon arrival in the US, there was much more resistance to this multifaceted approach, especially from potential employers.
  • [8:34] How Niyoosha had to learn how to respond to the question of, “Why can’t you choose just one thing?”
  • [10:43] Niyoosha talks about her approach to devoting time to her many passions unequally, her “passion distribution theorem.”
  • [16:27] “I am totally okay with being the most mediocre engineer in the world, but I am not okay at all to create art that is mediocre.” Niyoosha defines the different values of her passions, “The level of expertise I am happy with in theatre is a million times higher than my expertise in engineering.”
  • [19:45] Niyoosha and Vanessa reflect on the “mind-blowingly good” engagement from the Puttyverse in the forum discussion of the passion distribution theorem, and how puttypeep are contributing their own systems for balancing their interests.
  • [23:34] Vanessa introduces the book, “Get Everything Done, and Still Have Time to Play.”
  • [24:13] How multipotentiality felt like a burden for Niyoosha, leaving her feeling behind her friends and colleagues who were “specialists,” but how the Puttyverse gave her strength, meaning, support and understanding.
  • [27:39] Our Puttypeep of the Week, Amethyst and Herleen

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