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Queerness and Multipotentiality: An Intersection of Rainbows with Niyoosha and Hannah – TMP 065

Queerness and multipotentiality: do they have anything to do with each other?

This question was brought up by a Puttyverse member, Niyoosha, and piqued our interest here at The MultiPod. Co-host Vanessa speaks with Niyoosha and Hannah – all 3 members of the LGBTQ+ community – and all multipotentialites.

Part 1 of this two part series covers labels, identity crises, the parallels between multipotentiality and queerness, seemingly contradicting identities, and using labels as a mechanism for change. There are no clear cut answers, but there’s much exploration!

You’re about to Learn…

  • Whether labels hurt or harm us; whether it’s about queerness or multipotentiality
  • Using the internet to research what labels are and how they apply to us
  • That exploring labels can actually cause more questions and identity crises
  • What a “Queer National” is: a term Niyoosha invented
  • 3 distinct sexual orientation labels that Hannah felt she could choose from while growing up – gay, straight, bisexual – and how they never fit
  • How labels can be important to help figure out your identity, but they’re just a tool that helps you, and they don’t have to rule your life
  • Multipotentiality and queerness going hand in hand
  • Having identities that contradict each other; identifying as non-binary and a woman at the same time
  • Using labels as a mechanism for change
  • Normalizing asking pronouns in public forums: should we be asking? 
  • Your gender identity is probably not the most interesting thing about you

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