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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost and Membership

What does a Puttyverse membership cost?

Joining our community of multipotentialites costs less than $21 USD per month if you invest in an annual membership. The month-to-month membership is still a great deal at only $29, so you can commit for as much or as little time as you want.

Either option gives you access to our lively forums (containing years of collective multipod wisdom), accountability support for all types, a whole bunch of groups, and a range of private events: workshops, challenges, mixers, show and tells, and all of the huddles your heart desires!


I can’t pay for a membership right now. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

We gift scholarships for each new member period, but don't offer discounts for new members. We have some significant fixed costs to support our current members and those increase with each new one. In other words, our sustainability depends on having resources available for our long-time members.

The decision to grant a scholarship is based on a combination of merit, financial need, exemplifying the spirit of the Puttyverse (e.g., generous and collaborative), and/or at the discretion of the two people reviewing applications (Joel Zaslofsky, the Puttyverse Connections and Operations Guy, and/or Emilie Wapnick). There are also continuous requirements to keep a scholarship.

Click here to apply for a scholarship and we'll see if you're the right fit to get help to become a puttypeep.

Do I have to sign a contract when I join? Can I suspend or cancel my membership at any time?

The Puttyverse exists to create more freedom in your life, not less. We won’t weigh you down with a contract or keep you against your will if you need to leave for a while (or for good). Our formula for happy, liberated members is no contracts + self-service suspension/cancellation. And you can switch from monthly to annual billing (and back) whenever you want.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Put us to the test with no downside and no risk. You just ask within seven days of joining and we'll refund 100% of your money if our community isn't the right fit for any reason. 

There will be zero hassles and no guilt trip. We keep your best interests in mind and our seven-day money back guarantee proves it!

Why don't you accept PayPal, Amazon Payments, or any other payment hubs besides Stripe?

We’ve been exclusively using Stripe for years due to their superior customer service, relatively fewer global restrictions or quirks, better integration with our systems, and enhanced security (which keeps you and us safer). They’re just plain better and easier than any alternative right now.

With Stripe, we can accept credit, debit, or pre-paid cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or Maestro.

How to Join

Why do I have to wait to join until you “open the doors for 48 hours”?

We intentionally limit the frequency and window where new members can join to allow our Puttyverse team to best support new members. Our community also appreciates a predictable time period to rally around new members and welcome you. :)

Why do you allow only 75 new members for each new member period?

The history of online communities is littered with great (but unsustainable) groups that got too big, too fast and collapsed under their own weight. We want to keep the atmosphere intimate and relaxed, which is why we deliberately pace the flow of new members.

Darn it! I missed the chance to join during the last new member window. When will my next chance be?

We generally open our doors every four weeks. Be among the first to know when we’ll next welcome new members when you subscribe to our email interest list.

Members / Fitting In

Are there current members who live near me or are in my age range?

We have members in 22 time zones, 60+ countries, 200+ cities and towns, and on every continent except Antarctica. We also have plenty of active members from every generation between Generation Z and the Baby Boomers.

Do I have to be fluent in English or conform to certain cultural values to fit in?

Definitely not. We’ve seen and encourage people to chat away in Spanish, French, and other languages. You can express yourself and your values however you like as long as you do it in the spirit of kindness, generosity, and weirdness (we’re a quirky bunch).

Will I get to connect with people who are fascinated by [insert interest here]?

Our members are into anything and everything, come from all walks of life, and represent cultures around the world. You're almost certain to find somebody who's interested in whatever weird (or not so weird) thing you're excited about.

We've got artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, writers, makers, parents, students, coaches, retirees, photographers, philosophers, carpenters, coders and so much more! And of course, everyone in the community is more than just one thing.

So yeah, you'll be able to find someone (or multiple people) to nerd out about your interests with.

Do I have to own a business or want to start a business to fit in?

Absolutely not. There are many ways in which multipotentialites make a living, and that career diversity is reflected in our community. If you do happen to be starting a business and would like some feedback, there are plenty of members who can give you advice.

But if you're pursuing a traditional job, you'll find great advice, too. And if you're 100% satisfied with your work situation and want to talk about productivity, fear, creativity, dealing with relatives who "don't understand," or any other issue that multipotentialites struggle with, that's okay, as well!

The Puttyverse isn't specifically about helping you build a career. It's about helping you build a LIFE around your many passions. Career is just one piece of the puzzle.

What do Puttyverse members have to say about the community?

We get a ton of praise and thank yous from our puttypeep (which makes us very happy). Watch and read for yourself right here.

I just realized I’m a multipotentialite/I’ve been a multipotentialite for decades. Is it too early/late in my multipod journey to find the right people?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning your multipotentialite journey, or whether you’ve been at it for a while and want regular advice and accountability to keep you on track.

The Puttyverse is for everyone. We have students, working professionals, and retired folks. We have multipotentialites of all ages and backgrounds and we believe that diversity is an asset to all of us. There is a home for you here.

How do we deal with disagreements and misunderstandings in our community?

What makes the Puttyverse great is us – who we are and how we connect with one another. We’re multi-passionate people who have a lot to say about pretty much anything.

Yet sometimes that passion can be misapplied, and not everyone will see things the way we see them.

So how do we deal with the inevitable disagreements and misunderstandings that happen in any community?

We follow the ABCs of Discourse, which are taken from our Community Guidelines. Here are three values we ask everyone to keep in mind when conversations get heated:

Always be civil.

Be kind and respectful

Create a supportive and inclusive environment

What Does the Site Actually Look Like?

Check out the site!

It's hard to capture all the magic and respect our members' privacy at the same time, but the community looks something like this:

Puttyverse Forum Home Page Screen Shot
Puttyverse Forum Thread Example
Puttyverse Huddle Screen Shot

Puttython Check-in Huddle

Puttyverse Workshop

Poetry Workshop and Community Challenge

Check out the site!

It's hard to capture all the magic and respect our members' privacy at the same time, but the community looks something like this:

(Press on an image to expand)

The Puttytribe Home Page
The Puttytribe Forum
Puttytribe Forum Thread
Huddle Screen Shot

Puttython Check-in Huddle

Puttytribe Workshop

Poetry Workshop and Community Challenge

Data and Privacy

Can I be anonymous or have a pseudonym?

Your username, display name, and profile picture (which is optional) can be anything you want it to be and you can change them when needed. You can tell us your life story, complete with blood type and mother's maiden name, or you can keep whatever details of your past, present, or future life as private as you like.

If you join and decide to leave the Puttyverse at any point, we can anonymize/delete your information and/or forum activity with the push of a button.

How are you different from Facebook or other social media sites?

We charge a subscription so we can all avoid the worst that social media has to offer. There are no advertisements, no seeking to mine your data and sell it to third parties, and no attempts to hijack your attention at all costs.

One of our members, Dave Sullivan, explained it pretty well in his own words: "I came to the Puttyverse mainly to get off of social media, where I’m a product being sold to marketers vying for my attention. I gladly pay for my Puttyverse membership specifically to avoid commercialized interests." Yeah Dave – what you said!

What's your data and privacy bottom line?

We don't share your stuff outside the Puttyverse without your permission. We don't sell your stuff to anyone. And we'll be dragged kicking and screaming if someone outside our community comes for anything you've done as a member.

What does some of the stuff in your Terms of Service mean in plain language?

You can email [email protected] for context of a specific section. For example, the Interactive Features section says "COMPANY or its designated agents may remove or alter any user-created content at any time for any reason."

What we mean is, if we did remove something, it would probably be a forum post that's obsolete and might be a waste of someone's time (e.g., a post that talks about how to use technology that no longer exists). If we did alter something, it would probably be something like adding a hyperlink to a resource you mention (and forgot to link to) so that others would have an easier time accessing what you're trying to share.

We will also not draw a mustache on your profile picture or turn you into a tasteless animation.

The Other Stuff

Why did you change the community's name from Puttytribe to Puttyverse?

We decided to remove "tribe" from our name out of respect for Indigenous people and traditions. Our online community is not a tribe, although Puttytribe is how we referred to ourselves for the first eight years.

Use of the word tribe, throughout history and into the present day, has (both purposefully and accidentally) hurt Indigenous people. And now that we know better, we’re trying to do better. We hope that you’ll join us.

This community is a kind, thoughtful and inclusive space and we want our name to reflect that. More importantly, we want to make sure that we’re living our values by making all people feel welcome. Puttyverse is also just more representative of our puttypeep. It’s more expansive, nerdier, and fun! You'll totally get it once you're part of this constellation of multipotentialites.

If you'd like to know more about the history and contemporary thoughts about the word tribe, here's a helpful article, and here's another.

What kind of hardware or software do I need to participate in the community?

We could get nerdy with you and explain how our forums are optimized for this tech configuration or why we prefer using Zoom for our video based huddles. But if you’re human and are willing to learn, you’ll do fine with whatever hardware and software you have available.

Is Emilie Wapnick active in the Puttyverse? Will I be able to interact with her or get her direct feedback on my career/project/interest?

Emilie does hang out in the Puttyverse, replies to forum posts when she can, and leads various events for you. (And here's a little secret: Emilie isn't doing private coaching right now. Attending her huddle is a way to effectively get some coaching at an extreme discount.)

That said, one of the reasons that Emilie created the Puttyverse was that she was finding it impossible to answer all of the questions she was getting via email. We're such a smart, resourceful, and experienced community that she wanted to create a platform for multipotentialites to connect with one another, get help, and receive a range of opinions (not just hers).

Isn’t the Puttyverse just another distraction or potential source of overwhelm among all the others I already have?

Not if you use it correctly. The Puttyverse is meant to support your many projects, not be a distraction from them. When you'd like feedback or you're dealing with a challenge, share it with the community.

Ask for help, encouragement, or whatever else you need. The Verse only becomes a distraction when you don't use it to further the things that really matter to you.

What do you do with the payments you collect?

Much of the Puttyverse’s revenue goes to fairly compensate our team. They do a variety of critical things like organize and run events, make sure our website functions well, moderate content to uphold our community guidelines, write newsletters or announcements, welcome and support our members, and much more.

We also have substantial technical and administrative costs. For example, running multiple reliable servers and email services or mailing welcome cards to every single new puttypeep, anywhere in the world.

There’s no advertising on our site and, unlike other "free" online communities, we don’t collect, share, or sell your data. As one member put it:

"I came to Puttyverse mainly to get off of social media, where I’m a product being sold to marketers vying for my attention. I pay for my Puttyverse membership specifically to avoid commercialized interests."

The Puttyverse is the longest running online community for multipotentialites. We’ve been going strong since 2012 and the vast majority of our puttypeep feel that their membership dues are well worth the benefits (our Praise page proves that).

I purchased a new membership or reactivated an old membership and I can't access what I expect. What should I do?

Contact [email protected] and our Billing and Membership Support Wizard will help you out.

The Puttyverse doors open again on June 28 for only 48 hours or 75 new members – whichever comes first. Just click on the button below to get notified the instant we invite new members to join.

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