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Multipotencial in Español/Spanish with Vianney y Marcelo – TMP 077

The MultiPod continues to build on its language exploration, with the second episode in our series on “Multipotentiality in languages and cultures beyond the English world,” following on from the German-themed episode.

We welcome Vianney y Marcelo, from México y Argentina respectively, to share their stories on discovering the world of multipotentiality, and the Puttyverse in particular, but having to do so through a 2nd language.

There’s a theme of conflict and frustration because those who can’t function in English miss out on multipod opportunities. And they may have scarcely any awareness that such concepts even exist if they haven’t been translated into their own language.

“We generally say “multipotencial,” says Vianney, “But it lacks something, that ‘-lite’ at the end. Friends often relate, and understand. Some say, “I used to be that way, but then I had to choose something and conform to society and expectations.” They simply don’t have the access to resources such as Emilie Wapnick’s TED Talk – they haven’t experienced that inspiration.”

Bit by bit, we endeavour to break down those barriers, and the Spanish Puttyverse community is leading the way for Hispanophones. Marcelo, Vianney, and host Ted chat about how we can further spread the word to the Spanish-speaking world, and prelude the upcoming MultiPod Extras episode en Español, our first episode in a different language!

“I needed to join this community, because it was probably the community I always wanted.” – Vianney

“I remember vividly… I was in my office, feeling down, career anxiety… and an internal voice said to google TED Talks about ‘career,’ and I discovered Emilie’s video. It was life-changing.” – Marcelo

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