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The German Multipotentialite Experience: “Straightforward and Exact” with Flo and Friederike – TMP 067

Let’s go into the German-speaking world and the broader question of “how does language, culture, and society impact our multipotentialite identity?”

English is the default language in the Puttyverse, including in this podcast. That often means we forget about the cultural and societal implications that we’re missing.

Flo and special guest Friederike talk about their upbringing, in Austria and Berlin respectively, and how German speakers come to recognize multipotentiality: is the perception or understanding of it and themselves different?

Stemming from Friederike’s post on Multipods in German Speaking Countries, it may or may not come as a surprise that the German-speaking world does not easily accommodate multiple career paths and varied vocations.

We discuss the deficiencies of the curriculum, and the shocking class sizes that render individual attention from teachers impossible. Kids are now being encouraged to choose their profession at 14-years-old! And there is simply no equivalent word to “multipotentialite” in German, although perhaps we can invent one. 🙂

Of course, the efficiency and pointedness of the language can also help define terms and concepts that otherwise come across as a little too passive and vague in English. So can we find the best of multiple languages?

This is a fascinating window into Leben auf Deutsch (in English, for our benefit!)

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