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Your Invitation to the Evidence of Now – The MultiPod 105

Puttypeep who have been around for a while may recognize the term, “Evidence of Now,” from regular forum posts around 2021.

They were part of a wonderful initiative to encourage multipotentialites to write, consistently and regularly, about interesting topics of their choosing, in a straightforward and accessible way.

What started in Medium eventually evolved into its own separate, independent entity, coordinated by two of our Puttyverse stalwarts, Heather U-K and Mercedes, a.k.a. Mafimathi. Thanks to moving the project to their own website, they could shape and organize the blog into something truly dynamic, full of fascinating contributions, covering a plethora of topics.

Whether it was exploring Art & Creativity, Being Human, Habits, Life Crossroads, Parenting, Relationships, Spirituality, Technology or the wonder of “Uncategorized,” multipotentialite writers could share their expertise, explore and learn about new topics as they wrote, or encourage conversation and discussion.

Evidence of Now fell a bit to the wayside in mid-2022 as Mercedes and Heather planned the next step, and how to make it more consistent and inclusive.

They were then joined by a third Putty veteran, Sónia, who brought a multi-dimensional element to the concept. As well as writing, now further artistic mediums are included, from visual art to music, design and experiments with technology.

Today, we have a special group episode featuring both co-hosts Ted and Vanessa, joined by Heather, Mercedes and, at least briefly from Portugal, Sonia, talking about their plans for the Evidence of Now relaunch.

This was always envisioned as a substantial project with the potential to influence far beyond the Puttyverse itself, as a way to explain and promote multipotentialites, the concept and their interests, to the broader world. Something that could be shared and pointed to as an example of how we think and how we operate.

The ambition is in turn to create exposure and even income opportunities for its contributors, whether through subscriptions, Patreon-style programs or as a prominent online portfolio. Essentially like a magazine, with regularly-featured contributors as well as guests.

If this all sounds very exciting and enticing, the even better news is that the trio are leading a workshop, or more specifically, a “huddleshop,” on Saturday, Nov. 18, where they will guide you through the process of how to participate, and help you with some focus and structure.

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