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The Puttyverse: “A Place Where You Can Share Dreams” with Dee – The MultiPod 096

We welcome to the podcast Dee, our new Pop Up Friend.

Dee is the type of puttypeep who seems like she’s been around for ages, and yet somehow only joined the community just a few short weeks ago.

Her profile is a wonderful and diverse mix of interests, passions, commitments, projects, businesses, studies, and new beginnings. Co-hosts Vanessa and Ted chat with Dee today about as many of those as we can squeeze into 35 minutes.

Dee’s journey has taken her from a childhood in Southeast Asia to living the past decade in Berlin, Germany, reflecting her TCK (Third Culture Kid) roots. That remains her current home base, but it might change depending on the evolution of her latest project, which would ultimately involve a 15 year commitment. In other words, an eternity for a multipotentialite!

We chat about how empowering it is to end things on our own terms, even when to outsiders it typically seems like a strange or illogical decision. Dee reflects on her plethora of ideas and creative projects, and how for her, ideas that have application in the real world make them even more exciting and motivating.

Pursue your dreams and projects, but not to the detriment of everything else. Sometimes we have to focus and commit to something, but we each have to find the balance between putting enough time into it to make it worthwhile, or in other words, to “give it a chance,” while still respecting our other interests and projects.

It’s the constant give-and-take, and it can feel like a lonely journey. Thank goodness we have the Puttyverse, a community where you can share your latest, bravest, craziest dream and feel acknowledged, encouraged and understood.

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