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What Are The Best Jobs For Multipotentialites? Let’s Explore with Sara Oliver – TMP 039

What are the best jobs for multipotentialites?

It’s a question that has been talked to death on the Puttyverse forum. But it’s a valid question, and there are many valid answers.

In this episode, we dive into this and explore the career move that Sara Oliver, co-host and co-producer of The MultiPod, made. She chose (for now) a career as a flight attendant in order to have a flexible job with steady income that would allow her to pursue her passion for art as well.

Vanessa tells us a little bit about her own multipotentialite journey and asks Sara all the questions about working in the airline industry. Vanessa and Sara talk about how there are many flexible jobs that can support a multipotentialite as they pursue their passions, and that having a job that is just “okay” can also be a positive thing and help support our passions in other ways.

You’re About to Learn …

  • How multipotentialites can be flexible and go with the flow
  • How schools that let students create their own schedules can foster multipotentiality
  • How a high-flying career could be a great option for multipotentialites
  • The good and bad aspects of an airline job
  • Some of the behind-the-scenes protocols and experiences of flight attendants
  • The languages we are learning
  • How having a flexible, steady job can support personal creativity

Topics & Timestamps

  • 1:00 – When we realized we were multipotentialites
  • 3:25 – What multipotentialites are & how we can feel empowered
  • 5:15 – How multipotentialites are becoming a need for employers
  • 6:40 – How alternative school fostered being a multipotentialite for Vanessa
  • 8:40 – Juggling university with the rest of life
  • 11:15 – Jobs that are more fitting for multipotentialites
  • 12:00 – What you learn in a communication degree
  • 14:00 – Flight attendant training & communication as a flight attendant
  • 16:30 – Is being a flight attendant a good job for a multipotentialite?
  • 19:15 – Why Sara wanted to find an airline to work for that only does long flights
  • 20:30 – Do flight attendants get to see the whole world?
  • 23:50 – What a flight attendant’s day looks like
  • 26:00 – The unpredictability of working for an airline
  • 27:25 – How a pilot’s schedule is different from a flight attendant’s
  • 28:45 – The downsides of a flight attendant job
  • 32:26 – Language barriers
  • 35:00 – Safety protocol for people with disabilities
  • 41:00 – How having a flexible, steady job can support personal creativity 
  • 44:30 – Multipotentialites don’t always have a typical day or week and it’s okay

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