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Creativity and Self-Care: A Conversation With Iris Petra – TMP 038

Do you see yourself as a creative person? What does creativity actually mean to you?

In this The MultiPod episode, Sara speaks with Iris about creativity and The Artist’s Way, a popular book by Julia Cameron that helps people reconnect with their creative nature. Iris is a fellow puttypeep, and she started a Puttyverse group called The Artist’s Way Everyday, in which they have an ongoing conversation about creativity.

Iris was born with complicated health issues, but she sees them as a gift to be able to be a full-time creative. In this conversation, you’ll get to meet her and learn about her beautiful perspective on health and creativity.  

You’re About to Learn …

  • How creativity can improve your health.
  • How to use creativity for more joy and less stress.
  • The power of thinking outside the box.
  • How to deal with creative block.
  • How we could build a better culture around creativity.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [1:56] Learning about Iris
  • [8:52] How creative education can help introverts
  • [12:14] What does creativity mean to you? “Creativity is a gift that everyone is given, but not everyone chooses to use it.”
  • [13:34] Companies that don’t invest in creativity are likely to disappear
  • [14:53] Creativity as a play mindset and how adults loose creativity when they forget about it
  • [16:38] General thoughts about having a creative mindset
  • [19:53] Creating for yourself vs. for an audience and how that can affect the sense of purpose  
  • [24:01] Dealing with creative block and how different creative disciplines feed each other
  • [28:56] About The Artist’s Way
  • [33:33] The Artist Way Everyday Puttyverse group
  • [34:23] How the creative journey is different for everyone
  • [25:17] The point of creativity and the conscious choice of living creatively
  • [37:51] Things that block creativity and how to be successful with creativity
  • [40:22] How we can build a better culture around creativity
  • [42:12] Are technology and screens going to affect future generations’ creativity?
  • [49:20] Puttypeep profiles of the week

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