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Trusting Your Instincts Ahead of a Major Life Change with Joan – TMP 082

“Organize your dreams around your truth, and watch them come true.” – Joan Maze

Joan joins us today on The MultiPod, sharing her story of growing up as an Air Force kid, moving around the country, continuing her education, and always in pursuit of her ideal life.

Joan’s journey combines academia and multipotentiality, which led her to discovering a sweet spot of working in student affairs, giving her the community experience and variety she was seeking.

However, like for so many of us, her most recent professional position ended up as an untenable situation, despite its appearance as a “dream job.” Joan knew that it wasn’t the right fit, and set her sights on making the major life changes she had been seeking for years. Through a lot of inner work and perspective, she realized what she had to do.

“When you set your intention, the universe rises up.” – Joan Maze

Joan and Ted talk about how important it is for people who enjoy their own company and like doing things alone to still have an outlet to be social. Typically, we rely on our jobs for that, to get out of the house and around other people. But if you quit your job, even if it’s for a greater purpose, you may also be cutting off that social interaction, which could be hard to find again elsewhere.

We chat about trusting our gut feeling, our instinct, and how multipotentialites are good at relying on it.

As Joan tells her story of the past year, you’ll be engrossed in an amazing adventure of coincidences, fortunate timing, unexpected generosity, challenges and uncertainty, and the great excitement of the unknown. With the added twist of moving across the country to a state she had never lived in, where she knew nobody, to launch her new life!

It is a joyful conversation, full of affirmation and contagious confidence.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • How the Puttyverse came into her life at the right time.
  • How Joan decided to quit her job and change her career of 25 years, and how the Puttyverse helped enable that to happen by being a community support network.
  • Recognizing the times in your life when you’ve overcome challenges, even if you didn’t realize it at the time, or had forgotten.
  • “Growth and Authenticity, my core values.”
  • Realizing that being a multipotentialite was an aspect of who she is, and that she could embrace it even more, especially with the support of the Puttyverse.
  • Recognizing that you in fact already have valuable experience in doing something, and that you can draw strength from that.

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