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To Live in a Tiny Home, with Cat P. – TMP 073

In the 2nd of our tandem episodes this week, building on the homesteading/intentional living theme of Episode 72 with Sónia, we introduce you to CatP and explore the wonder and freedom of tiny house living.

In Cat’s case, that’s primarily in the Dominican Republic. But she and her partner typically travel (in true multipod fashion) amongst three tiny homes between North America and the UK throughout the year!

A few years ago, Cat left the relationships of her old life behind, corporate and otherwise, to embark on a life of simplicity and clarity, “decluttering” both physically and emotionally. This led her to embrace a home measured in community, not size & space, a life of intention and design, where “part-time work and part-time income equals full-time life.”

Cat tells us:

“If you want to hang onto your current/old life, that’s fine, but look at why you want to hang onto it.”

There is perhaps an element of tiny house living/downsizing/pulling-up-stakes-and-restarting that is suggested to be somewhat reckless, care-free, and naive. Cat is the opposite: intrinsically responsible, clear-headed, and determined. She knew what she was getting into and was prepared in case it didn’t work out.

When it comes to planning, she points out:

“There’s something about setting an intention and allowing it to happen.”

Our talk is underscored by the philosophy of, “Live simply so that others can simply live.”

Paradoxically, as you listen, you’ll find a lot of space in our conversation. Listen closely and you’ll hear the tropical birds singing in the background. You might just be left with some food for thought, and a renewed vigour to become more intentional with your own life.

You’re about to Learn…

  • Some of the practicalities and functionalities of living in a small, one-room home. How is it done and what choices do you face?
  • How accurate Cat can measure her world, “16 x 16 room, the RV 16 ft long”. How does she “measure” the rest of the world?
  • The importance of being “ultra, ultra organized!” and how she does it.
  • Why there’s a lot of soul searching needed to ultimately make the move, and adapt yourself to it. What are the most essential things you need?
  • Clothes: How Cat downsized her wardrobe and still colour-coordinates.
  • How becoming a tiny-houser reflected a re-start for her life.
  • The difference between “finding freedom in security, vs. finding security in freedom.”
  • Why tiny home living changes your approach to the concept of “space.” For Cat, a tiny home is efficient, while for her partner it is cozy. For space is not just physical but energetic as well.
  • How to approach the future? Not necessarily plan, but be flexible.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode