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Homesteading, Home-Schooling, and Remote Working: Sónia’s Journey – TMP 072

Sónia lives with her family in rural Portugal, having embraced a major lifestyle change a few years ago. She and her husband closed down their veterinary service in the city, bought a farm, lots of animals therein, and packed up their three kids for a life of homesteading, home-schooling, and sustainability.

Not only that, but to help sustain themselves and pay the bills, Sónia also took up remote virtual assistant-style work, yet another thing to juggle at the same time.

This remarkable journey has brought them a life of contentment and perspective, intertwined with the busyness and demands of a working farm. The kids have been thriving, and everyone feels far more in tune with nature.

Sónia joins Vanessa and Ted for a conversation about how they’ve done it, why they made such a bold choice, and what they’ve learned from doing so.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • What life was like before the farm: on-call as a 24 hour veterinarian.
  • How they tackled a big decision: either leave everything behind, start from scratch and move to the country, or stay stuck in the hustle and exhaustion of a city lifestyle and demanding careers.
  • How home schooling has helped feed her kids’ curiosity and zest for learning.
  • How to balance homesteading, home schooling, parenting, and virtual assistance work, all at the same time!
  • “If something needs to be adjusted, we’ll adjust. We’re multipods, we can do anything!”

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