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The World Needs Smart Generalists with Marci Killin – TMP 080

So you’re a busy multipotentialite, trying to fit together all the things and find a business idea that gives you satisfaction.

Marcela Killin might just have the answer for you in this engaging conversation with Vanessa and Ted.

Marci was in the exact same spot as so many of us, wanting to pursue multiple paths and interests, struggling with choosing one thing, like all her family and friends insisted she must do.

She went to law school, studied business, entered the medical field and pursued language immersion. Ultimately, she found herself in Canada, married and seeking a direction and a plan for her professional life.

Through her connections and experience, Marci realized that so many businesses, especially start-ups and small companies, simply can’t afford to hire multiple experts and specialists, even though they still have tasks and projects that need completion and require expertise.

So she created Complexly Simple: Taking care of the complex parts of a business, which then makes it simple for others to enjoy their own business. It is the perfect entrepreneurial idea for anyone who adores wearing different hats, multitasking and variety. Doing the things that are simple and fun for us, while complex and intimidating for others.

It’s what she calls being a “Smart Generalist,” and it embraces the principle that businesses and employers need people who purposefully generalize, who are adaptable and flexible, who may be just as capable at copywriting as they are at coding, or at video editing as at social media marketing. And, they are always excited to learn new skills and take on a new task.

And for any of the things that Marci and her team are not in position to take care of themselves, she turns to collaboration. Complexly Simple and its clientele might just be the perfect networking connection for you, if you are an established freelancer or even just starting out, and have a particular skill or specialty service that you provide.

Join us for a motivating and encouraging episode, where we chat about life, love, languages, and solutions.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • The frustration of growing up with the pressures of having to “choose,” with criticism coming not just from family but from her peers as well.
  • About coming to Canada to improve her English, as part of the, very tongue-in-cheek, “big plan.”
  • What happened on the first date. 😉
  • Lots of chatting about language.
  • How Marci’s business helps to turn ideas into reality, constructing projects, and plans. Starting from the, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” phase.
  • The refining phase of taking an established project and making it more clear and efficient. Transferring ideas over to new goals and objectives, and not having to start from scratch.
  • How to take multipotentialite skills and make a career out of them.
  • How you don’t need to limit yourself, and do one thing at a time. You don’t need to cut things out: just figure out how to fit them all together. Maybe not all at once, but you can make a plan and figure out how to align it all.

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