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The MultiPod at 5 Years: Episode 100

The MultiPod hits its milestones: 100 episodes, coinciding with our 5th anniversary week since launching the podcast in January 2018.

To celebrate, the original band gets back together. Ted and Vanessa are joined by Sandrine, Sara, and Mike – reconnecting for the first time in years.

The episode is full of updates of what we’ve all been up to, news – including two marriages – career and business evolutions, reflections on the impact podcasting has had on our lives (particularly this very show), and most of all, perspective on the Puttyverse and multipotentiality.

We learn how episodes and conversations on The MultiPod helped us make bold decisions, take action, and feel empowered (and even accountable) in doing so. We discuss how we have embraced multipotentiality and used it to our advantage, as a source of pride and confidence, through direct applications to our work, our businesses, how we spend our time, and how we live our lives.

We also learn how to feel more comfortable with ourselves and our identities, thanks to this community of like-minded people who bring out the best in us, understand our approach to life, and inspire us to be ourselves.

It’s a positive and heartwarming conversation amongst old friends. For those who have been around long enough, you’ll enjoy hearing some familiar voices again. Links to reach out to Sara, Mike, and Sandrine are below, if you wish to send anyone a message.

Vanessa and Ted were ecstatic to put this together for you!

Five years is an eternity for multipods, and somehow The MultiPod has kept going – year in, year out. It goes to show that as long as you enjoy doing something, you might as well keep doing it!

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