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The MultiPod 2.0: von Neumann, Queen, and a Brand New Theme – TMP 063

The MultiPod is back!

It’s been a while and, for starters, thank you to everyone who has been listening recently, who has still discovered our show, and even gone through some of the back catalogue. As you may know, this show dates back to January 2018 when a few of us puttypeep got together and said, “There’s so much to talk about here in this wonderful community, so many fascinating people to meet who have stories and inspiration to share – we need a podcast!”

It’s been almost three years, a good chunk of time for any multipotentialite, and enough time to really measure our commitment to producing this thing. We set out to publish an episode every two weeks on average, and aside from some summer lulls the past two years have succeeded.

But whenever we come back from a summer break, it’s a chance to think about where to go from here. Should we keep going? Does our show provide some value and entertainment for the community? How can we find a balance between providing something interesting, entertaining and even interactive, that’s also sustainable and not too demanding to put together?

Meanwhile, the Putty world is going through some big changes. It’s the 10-year anniversary of the launch of Puttylike, something we would like to cover over the next few episodes, to try and trace its evolution and impact after a whole decade.

And of course, the Puttyverse is getting a new name. Welcome (very soon) to The Puttyverse!  

All in all, it seems to be an apt time to take a good assessment of this show, its future, and our commitment to it. And we’re very fortunate to be aided in this by the addition of our new production team member, Florian Stummer, who, like many, first came to the show as a guest in June of 2020, and quickly took an interest in helping put together our content and keep things going.

Flo came up with the idea of presenting little biographies of historical multipotentialite figures, some of whom you would likely know, others much more obscure. We then draw a parallel from them to the members of our community, in our Puttypeep of the Week profiles.

We also want to start reaching out beyond the bounds of the Puttyverse, and gain some perspectives from outside the group. These may be experts, or folks otherwise already aware of the concept of multipotentiality in some shape or form, or it could be people brand new to the concept. Perhaps partners or friends of Puttyverse members who can reflect on their observations and understanding of it. 

We’d like to try maintaining some ongoing series that float in and out of episodes, such as profiling the projects of various puttypeep, or sharing some short tidbits and factoids (“Things the World can Learn from Multipotentialites”, “Favourite Puttyverse Memories.”) 

And of course, most of all, we will continue exploring the lives and stories of our puttypeep through our ongoing conversations. It is the best part of doing this show and a real joy. We encourage you to go back through our history of episodes to get to know some familiar names, and hear their voices.

All of our episodes can be streamed online here: Or you can find and subscribe to the show on your favourite podcast app.

So don’t be surprised if you get a message one day from one of us, asking if we can share something of yours with the community, and/or chat with you on the podcast. We would love to get to know you.

With all this, we’re calling it The MultiPod 2.0, and are looking forward to a good, solid dose of energy and enthusiasm. It’s nice to be back! And I want to give a special shout-out to Heather U-K, who always goes out of her way to highlight our latest episodes in the weekly email newsletter. Thanks, we appreciate it!

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