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Should We Continue? The MultiPod’s First Anniversary Episode – TMP 027

The MultiPod published its first episode exactly one year ago, and what a ride it’s been! We’ve created 27 episodes, met lots of puttypeep, and gained new skills, advice, and knowledge.

Co-hosts Sandrine, Sara, Vanessa, and Ted reflect on the experience of podcasting and exploring topics of multipotentiality over the past year, with the underlying question of, “Should we continue?”

Multipotentialites are always facing existential questions about keeping their projects going. At what point do you determine that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do? And even if you have, if it’s fun and rewarding then surely that would be a major impetus to continue.

But what if it is fun and rewarding … but so are some of your other projects too? You can’t do it all, so which do you choose? We want to do it all!

So what will The MultiPod choose to do? Tune in to find out the answer!

Resources Mentioned in This Episode