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A Matter of Focus or Motivation: Energizing Projects with Henriette Hamer – TMP 028

Creative projects are hard. And new projects can seem impossible.

We can get so caught up in an endless process of refining “how we do work” that it can lead to getting very little actual work done. Life moves by in a series of cycles and, if we can gain the right awareness, we can take advantage of where we are, and what we need.

In this episode, hosts Ted and Sarah sit down with Henriette Hamer to discuss how to start off the new year with energy. Henriette is leading the 4th annual Puttyverse Jumpstart January and she shares her insights into balancing your current work with new projects, ways of coping with your personal productivity system, and why you absolutely need to make time to rest.  

We explore finding new uses for familiar mediums through Henriette’s own art project transforming numbers into music. Are you ready to make progress on your intentions and reviving your work after a break? 

(And listen to the end for a special surprise!)

“Find a frequency that works for you. Pick and choose and make your own system, and when it doesn’t work anymore, let it go.” – Henriette Hamer

You’re about to Learn…

  • Why starting a new project can help propel you beyond your current commitments.
  • How using short blocks of time can be the key to making consistent progress.
  • The importance of daily structure and ritual in keeping focused.
  • Why scheduling and finding time for rest and recovery is so critical.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Sarah and Ted pose the problem: How do we pick something back up after we’ve left it?  
  • [08:05] Henriette on her journey and how she uses the Puttyverse to keep focus
  • [13:17] Navigating an art project transforming Excel spreadsheets into music
  • [20:50] The format and structure of Jumpstart January
  • [32:10] Acknowledging that life goes by in cycles and finding time for rest
  • [36:43] Nearing the end of Jumpstart January and how you can get involved
  • [43:03] Wrap-up: How are we feeling with our goals?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • The Fortnightly – Doug Walker’s bi-weekly huddle
  • Henriette’s Soundcloud and YouTube pages – Where she experiments on artistic expression at the intersection of music and numbers
  • Getting Things Done – David Allen’s methodology that Henriette values for the focus on long term goals and vision beyond just time management
  • The Artists Way – Henriette discussed how morning pages can be a useful tool if you are struggling to let your ideas out