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How to Get-Er-Done (Fortnightly Style or Otherwise) – TMP 002

We’re three weeks into the new year and how are you doing on your goals?

Maybe you’re a productivity inferno or stuck refining and organizing your to-do lists. Wherever you are, The MultiPod episode 2 has something useful to use for productivity and goal-setting. Plus, with a healthy side of guest Doug Walker, you’ll have some great new ideas to Get-Er-Done.

Doug joined us from Indianapolis where he pursues his passions ranging from theater, piano, cartooning, and engineering. He’s been a puttypeep for over three years and, for the last year-and-a-half, he’s been facilitating The Fortnightly Huddle. He created the huddle with a laser focus on accountability and he works with members every two weeks to break down barriers to progress across topics like career moves, making money, and finding time for creative projects.

Doug and hosts, Ted Cragg and Sandine Gressard, share their best tips for making the most out of your days and how resources in our Verse can help as well.

“Once an action gets to urgent, you’ve waited too long to start it.” – Sandrine

You’re about to Learn…

  • The importance of saying “No!” and why all effective action items should start with an action verb.
  • How to use Jumpstart January to track your goals and get support from other puttypeep.
  • How to take advantage of pressured creativity to help you focus on action.
  • How finding an accountability buddy can be one of the best ways to overcome psychological barriers to making decisions.
  • Where to learn to break down goals into meaningful actions (hint: The Fortnightly).
  • Why simply starting is so huge and the importance of defining an exit strategy on projects.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [02:00] The software and hardware we use to produce The Multipod
  • [05:54] News of the Verse (Jumpstart January progress and puttypeep of the week)
  • [10:13] Today’s topic: productivity and goal setting tips and tricks
  • [20:55] Interview with Doug Walker
  • [50:02] Sandrine’s Tip of the Week: proper to-do lists that actually work
  • [57:02] Upcoming events in the Puttyverse

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode


  • Total Recorder – Podcast recording software (Windows only)
  • Audacity – Free audio editing software
  • Slack – Team communication tool
  • Wrike – Cloud-based work management tool for organizing actions among teams


  • ATR-2100 – USB/XLR microphone used for podcast recording


  • The Agenda – Podcast episode “Portrait of a Misfit” about Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Leonardo Da Vinci – Walter Isaacson’s book

For Reference