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Puttycomps Part 1: Jellyfish, Jumping, and Jello – MultiPod Extras

A jellyfish named Jerry, who figures out they’re a multipotentialite.

A fear-inducing plummet: you might be a little wary of listening to this one if you’re afraid of heights, or you can come along for the face-smashing thrill!

Do you prefer jello or pudding? It’s a smackdown! (with sound effects).

These are the first three entries in Puttycomps #6, the Audio Extravaganza, coming to you today in Part 1!

Puttycomps = putty + compilation, and it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. Basically, we choose a medium and, over the course of a month or so, whoever wants to can submit a work in that medium.

It’s an opportunity to try something new if you’ve never worked in this medium before, or continue with something you enjoy. We also usually have someone more experienced lead a workshop for beginners.

So far, we’ve created a book of comics, a book of love poems, a mix tape, a series of short stories, and a clever entry into photography.

We used audio as our medium this time! There were a few guiding questions, and people explored their approach however they chose to, in audio format.

It could be a poem, a TED style talk, creative and out of the box, or literally just answering the prompts and recording their thoughts. Some have added music, sound effects, fun audio filters, anything goes.

Part 1 features the first three participants: CatP, Heather U-K, and Ingrid Cordano. Check out their contributions through the link below, or listen in on The MultiPod’s regular podcast feed.

Coming soon: Part 2!


Puttycomps is brought to you by MultiPod Extras, an ongoing project of The MultiPod, where the hosts test out new podcast ideas in a bonus, typically one-off format.

Members of the Puttyverse can pitch their podcast ideas too! Email [email protected] with the show that you would like to demo. The MultiPod team can help you put it all together.

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