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Perspectives From Outside The Puttyverse with Rinat Ben Avraham – TMP 068

Here at The MultiPod, we occasionally incorporate a voice from beyond the Puttyverse to gain their perspective on multipotentiality and what makes us tick.

This episode, that guest is Rinat Ben Avraham, who happens to host the That’s the Ticket! podcast with our own co-host Vanessa (and who also happens to be a multipotentialite).

Rinat isn’t a Puttyverse member, although she certainly understands and identifies with our community.

Growing up in Israel, her different interests were encouraged. For Rinat, many of those childhood interests remain today, especially in the arts.

Nevertheless, she is accustomed to change or being the odd one out. Moving to a different country; or being the only female in computer science. Getting married out of the country in a non-religious ceremony, contrary to the vast majority in Israel.

Would she benefit from community and support? Listen in to hear her story, and consider whether some of the non-Puttyverse multipods in your life might have a similar perspective.

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