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Paw Prints and Paint Brushes: Laura Pritchard’s Multipotentialite Projects – The MultiPod 107

The MultiPod returns with our first episode of 2024, entering our 7th season – not that we’ve ever really measured it that way!

Our episodes and seasons float on the breeze and settle into your podcast apps whenever the mood strikes and inspiration beckons.

Our breaks are rarely too extended, and now we’re back with a series of conversations with puttypeep.

In this episode, we delve into the nuanced and diverse life of Pennsylvanian Laura Pritchard and her five years in the Puttyverse. Laura chats with co-host Ted and elaborates on her experiences and various interests, ranging from her career in graphic designing, to gardening, dog sitting, reading, painting and joining various huddles within the Puttyverse.

Laura’s experiences, her relaxed approach to multipotentiality and her outlook on life underscore the vast array of possibilities multipotentialites have to pursue their passions, hobbies, and careers in unconventional, yet fulfilling methods.

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Time Stamps

  • 06:18 Laura’s Journey in the Puttyverse
  • 07:44 Transition from Graphic Design to Gardening
  • 10:36 Exploring the World of Dog Sitting
  • 17:36 Participation in Puttyverse Activities
  • 20:55 Getting Started and Overcoming Initial Hurdles
  • 22:25 Diving into Creativity, Art, and Madness
  • 24:01 Contemplating Writing and Sharing the Puttyverse Experience
  • 28:29 The Joy of Pets the Cat Who Came With the House
  • 31:23 Reflecting on Projects and Priorities
  • 32:02 The Puttyverse Community: A Genuine and Peaceful Space
  • 33:34 Podcasting in the Puttyverse: Your Opportunity to Get Involved!

Resources Mentioned in This Episode