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Offer and Receive: How To Be Circular with Paul Sockett – TMP 075

Paul Sockett is an actor, performer, improviser, hugger, traveller, and storyteller (among other things).

Citizen of the world and multipotentialte, he’s been navigating the exceptional changes in a COVID-19 world with grace and perspective.

Paul reflects on his journey to this point, and the lessons he continues to learn about identity, control, safety, and how we interact with each other. How are we allowed to choose the words we use, and define what those words mean to us?

We talk about effective storytelling. You don’t have to tell another person’s story for them, and that is freeing. Practice being graceful, practice understanding a difficult feeling, not because it’s good or bad, but just difficult. Get familiar with the unfamiliar.

We’re all trying to perform a show that we have not rehearsed. – Paul Sockett

What if there’s no big conclusion, no performance or deadline? If life is lived in preparation for something, but that something can never come; what if the preparation itself is the performance?

Join us for an insightful, thought-provoking, and meaningful conversation that takes place very much in the present.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • Identity: The person we learn to be, the things we learn to say, the people we learn to be around and how to be around them, in order to feel safe.
  • Chaos: It’s not an emotional state, or negative, it is disorder. Hence we associate it with negativity.
  • Words: We choose the words we use, and we get to define that word for ourselves.
  • To Offer and Receive, is to be imbued with an energy of agency and choice. Give and Take, meanwhile, is very expectational, transactional, formulaic.
  • We’re all trying to perform a show that we have not rehearsed. We are told that we have to have “results” to be valid, worthy. What if we’re only ever rehearsing. With no performance objective. No end point?
  • How multipotentialites struggle with separating enjoying their passion from it providing for them.
  • Paul’s Claim Your Space workshops, helping you find energy in your space, streamlining your life, and understanding all your “stuff.”

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