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MultiPod Extras: Breathing Wind with Sarah Davis

MultiPod Extras is an ongoing project of The MultiPod, where the hosts test out new podcast ideas in a bonus, typically one-off format.

Members of the Puttyverse can pitch their podcast ideas too! Email [email protected] with the show that you would like to demo. The MultiPod team can help you put it all together!

Today’s MultiPod Extra episode follows up on our most recent episode, talking about grief and loss, with special guest Sarah Davis. We hope you’ll have the chance to take a listen if you haven’t done so already, you can find Episode 57 and all our previous episodes here.

In the episode, much of our conversation revolves around Sarah’s podcast, “Breathing Wind,” and her experience in creating it and witnessing her guests share their stories. It has given her an outlet for her own journey through personal loss, while being able to contribute back to the world.

This 3 minute clip will give you a good feel for the style of engrossing storytelling of her guests and the immersive experience of hearing them share their insight.

Whether or not you have yet been touched by close, powerful grief, inevitably we all will be. And the stories in this podcast will give you strength and solace when you need it most.

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