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Making The Right Decisions For You with Ryan Cina – The MultiPod 086

As the calendar ticks over into 2022, The MultiPod bursts into its 5th year of existence since debuting in January 2018.

Here to celebrate is someone who recently fêted his own 4 year Puttyversary: Ryan Cina, a regular stalwart in the forums and the new host of The Fortnightly “accountability” huddle (a.k.a. social group).

Co-hosts Vanessa and Ted welcome Ryan to chat about the Puttyverse experience, including recognizing that feeling of overwhelm when you first sign in, or perhaps for the first time after a while, and you’re hit with all kinds of interesting topics and headlines, with lines of little faces staring back at you.

Ryan likens it to a story of meeting president Theodore Roosevelt back in the day, who was “bursting with energy like popping a champagne bottle.”

So where to begin? Ryan suggests simply taking it one thread at a time, and remember that everything has its beginning. It’s a similar lesson that he imparts to his staff, which led us to talking about his Einstein job, and a very difficult, challenging situation he found himself in about a year ago.

We often talk about entrepreneurship and business on The MultiPod and in the Puttyverse, but following Einstein’s example and simply having a good, decent job to give you stability and structure is a perfectly valid option as well. Ryan’s experience was a tough one, but did it leave him questioning the process?

Listen in to meet Ryan (if you haven’t already!) and enjoy the conversation.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • The advice Ryan didn’t follow when he went into the library one day.
  • His reaction to reading Emilie’s How to Be Everything book.
  • How the Fortnightly group is organized, and who it’s for.
  • How Ryan was pushed to deal with a very stressful situation, and why he had to move on from his job.
  • How to assess your situation and recognize the gravity of a decision. In most cases, it’s not as impactful as you may think.
  • Why Ryan is a recovering workaholic.
  • The ways in which Ryan incorporates multipotentiality into his daily life and schedule.
  • Ryan’s recommendations for navigating the Puttyverse!

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