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Looking For the Little Details: Photography with Diana Sherblom – TMP 079

The MultiPod turns to photography, and engages in a delightful, insightful, and motivational conversation with Diana Sherblom – puttypeep and photgrapher extraordinaire.

Diana and host Ted chat about what brought her to photography, how it’s another great career choice for multipods, and in particular, her documentary-style approach to taking photos and doing photoshoots.

Diana’s goal is to capture real, authentic moments, full of spontaneity, that demonstrate a normal day, the regular interaction between a couple or a family. This leads to a different photography experience for her subjects, but one that has tremendous value.

As she builds her photography business, Diana is also exploring further offers such as branding coaching, photo organization, and online courses. If you’re interested in a behind-the-scenes look at a photography entrepreneur, want to learn what it’s like to be a photographer, and love taking and understanding photos yourself, this is a great episode to listen in.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • About Diana’s various jobs coming out of college, which always incorporated her multipotentiality.
  • Why she chose photography, particularly documentary photography.
  • The great advice from her close friend on starting a business.
  • The mindset of taking pictures to tell a story, through photography. What does Diana ask her subjects to think about, to prepare?
  • The mentality and philosophy behind documentary photography.
  • What happened when she asked a newspaper photographer to document her wedding.
  • How Diana helps people make a connection with creative artists and entrepreneurs, through photography.
  • Why seeing and holding photographs helps nurture childrens’ self esteem.
  • About some of her new ideas and offers, such as branding help and photo organization.

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