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“Just Buy the Ticket!” Live Events for Multipotentialites, with Colleen – The MultiPod 103

Amongst a busy season for the MultiPod crew, co-host Ted went to the Camp Indie conference in Kent, Connecticut. Bringing location independent-minded, entrepreneurial folks together, there was much crossover between the Location Indie and Puttyverse communities.

One of whom was Colleen McGraw, part of the Puttyverse since early 2019, and someone we have long hoped to get on The MultiPod. Things came together at the right time and, in particular, place, as Ted and Colleen sat down for a live recording.

We focused on live events, finding our place as multipotentialites, introducing the concept to others (as so often happens), and “finding your people.”

Colleen has been to many in-person events, and talks about what it’s like to meet people in person for the first time or finding a path as an introvert. You don’t have to participate in everything, and you can certainly find the moments to recharge and take a break.

It’s wonderful to chat with people without any digital barriers (as much as those tools have brought us together in the first place). Live events have even made Colleen a hugger!

In the post-pandemic world, we appreciate the IRL meetups more than ever. Listen in for shout-outs to Ryan C and the Netherlands contingent of the Puttyverse! And if you’re listening from the northern Virginia / DC / Maryland area, get in touch with Colleen: she’d love to go for a coffee!

To top it off, things are looking promising that a Puttyverse inspired in-person event will take place again in 2024, this time in the Minneapolis, MN area, on August 1-4. Visit the Everything Conference site to get on the waitlist for more info.

And when the time comes, if you’re on the fence: Just Buy the Ticket!

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