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Interests are like Particle Clouds of Opportunities with Deepti Kannapan – The MultiPod 093

Deepti Kannapan joins The MultiPod to talk about Multipotentiality With a Purpose and how to piece together all the options you have, especially as you face major life decisions.

Deepti is an engineer working in the space industry. The company she works for are essentially consultants to the government, solving problems related to designing and launching spacecraft! Even better, it is a very multipod-friendly environment as Deepti is routinely bouncing from project to project.

She knew as a child that she was passionate about (at least) two things: nature/ecology/the environment, and math. After a long negotiation with herself,” how was she able to combine math and nature and find satisfying work?

Her solution has been to consider your interests as like particle clouds, each with their own components and distinct features. As these start to clarify and solidify, find a theme or direction that pulls everything together. Look for overlaps.

Deepti’s underlying direction is to pursue a broader mission of environmental sustainability, and that guides her choices and commitments.

It all sounds very methodical, but Deepti only considers it as such on a very small scale! She mentions the author Ellen Brock who combines methodology and just winging it. Often we just rely on intuition, and intuition is like a weird click when it suddenly falls into place.

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