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In the Middle of the Next Transformation with Roby Fox – The MultiPod 095

The MultiPod is back from its latest summer break, and today’s host Ted is joined by Puttyverse polyglot Roby for a fun and thought-provoking conversation that floats through languages, travel, making big career changes, trusting yourself and your instincts, and immersing yourself in transitions.

Roby hails from Switzerland (the Italian-speaking part), and after training as a translator, walked away from a typical corporate, mainstream career path to move to Rome and become an actress.

19 years later, with numerous roles and experiences under her belt, including being part of Academy Award-submitted films, it was time to change again and leave the crazy hustle and intensity of Rome behind. She returned to a small Swiss village of cows, churches and a few hundred people, near the Italian border, to plan her next step.

But as we talk about today, that didn’t necessarily imply a short stopover or a transition with a deadline. More than two years hence, she remains there, pursuing new career and business ideas including coaching and mentoring, voice-over work and online opportunities, yet still with the intention of moving on. Probably.

It is a conversation about coming and going, finding home and awareness of place. Contrasts. Quiet versus noisy.

And on finding the things you really, really want to do: finding that clarity and confidence.

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