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How to Get From Point A to Point B on the Path of Life with Allison – TMP 078

Allison is a multipotentialite coach from Alaska who focuses on the beginning stages of one’s journey to figuring out the life you are meant to lead.

She helps multipods unpack their identity and understand who they really are, thus enabling them to find work that is meaningful, satisfying, and a match for their goals and lifestyle.

Her own story is one of being pushed into entrepreneurship by default, despite an instinct for security and steadiness. She realized at last that it was the best, if not only, way to make the most of her skills, interests, and experience, while also having the income and freedom she deserved.

However, a core component of her coaching recognizes that, for many people, a steady job and reliable employment is also just fine: the real objective is to find confidence within yourself, embrace who you are, identify your needs, and then get a better job through interview and negotiation.

Allison and host Ted explore these concepts and more in this relaxed, thoughtful, and encouraging conversation.

Allison: “If life’s a party, I need to let in the opportunities and people and money to let that happen.”

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You’re about to Learn…

  • How has Allison adapted her multipotentiality to her business.
  • How she was pushed into entrepreneurship by default, despite an instinct for security and steadiness.
  • How Allison would always find a ceiling at any of her jobs, even if she was way more organized and knew way more stuff than her superiors.
  • How she helps people discover their “thing” based on their strengths, and to get a job through interview and negotiation.
  • How life is like a trail through the wilderness, where we can choose to run along as fast as possible or put a mark, wander off, and come back to the path when you’re ready. Do you want to stop and look at things along the way, or do you want to have one focus and just get from Point A to Point B?
  • How Allison finds the people she wants to work with. The ones who put on the brakes when it comes to specialist advice.
  • Thoughts about the conscious vs subconscious: “The way that I allow these things into my life, is by my conscious and subconscious agreeing with each other.”
  • “We talk about the stories we tell ourselves.”
  • Allison explains the name, “The Rockstar Plan” !

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