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How to Build Your “About” Page (Plus a Side Trip to Belize) with Hannah Cattouse – The MultiPod 111

Hannah Cattouse joins us to chat about a multitude of topics including copywriting, her home country of Belize, and her upcoming workshop, “Connect & Convert: How to Write an About Page That Gets Results,” which takes place on Saturday, July 13.

Hannah and Ted share a professional background as tour guides in their native countries, a skill she taps into here in giving us some background on Belize’s cultural history and evolution. If you’ve ever been curious to learn more about this increasingly-popular destination in Central America, listen for some great context and perspective.

For instance, how is it that Belize is the only native English-speaking country in Central America, and the only former British colony? What does that mean for Belizeans’ sense of identity and community in their wider region, when they don’t speak the same language of their neighbours? Do they feel more connected to places like Jamaica or Bermuda as a result, even though they’re farther away?

For those of us from huge countries where normal driving distances are measured in hours, it’s always fun to think about the reality of driving from one end of a country to the other in scarcely 4 hours, if not less. Hannah talks about the differences between the north and south of Belize, and the coastal areas vs. the interior, where you’ll find hundreds of Mayan ruins sites.

Then, we get to her upcoming workshop. Hannah started moving towards online work and marketing a few years ago, and has dipped her toes in a few different areas: helping people with their LinkedIn bios, understanding remote work regulations and bureaucracy for Belizeans, and more recently the value of a good About page on your website, and how to maximize it.

If you’re reading this, or listening to this episode, before July 13, 2024, and are a member of the Puttyverse, hopefully you can join in on the workshop that day. 

In Hannah’s words, 

“The struggle to write about ourselves is real! And multipods have additional challenges since we’re so multifaceted.

This workshop will walk you through an interactive way to distill your awesomeness (without diluting your essence) into a concise message that matches the needs of your website visitors.

There will be no more ‘me, me, me!’ on your About page. It’s time to master the art of “we” and make all your copywriting better anywhere on the internet.”

You can RSVP for the link here.

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