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How the Way You Spend Your Time Reflects Your Career Values with Melissa Valdez – The MultiPod 098

Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence take centre-stage in today’s episode of The MultiPod. And it’s framed around the challenge of building and shaping a career in those (and similar) fields, while maintaining a sense of control over your life, and balance between your interests and values.

Melissa Valdez is on this road as we speak, having embarked on a career in fascinating scientific disciplines, yet not wanting to be trapped into any one in particular. Fortunately, she has been in the midst of a healthy pause and reset, purposefully in between jobs, and considering her next options. This has meant taking time to rediscover hobbies and passions, build new and healthy habits and ponder her journey to this point.

We also get fascinating insight into her most recent field of Artificial Intelligence. Melissa’s research includes studying “deep learning” in AI, and identifying and mitigating bias in AI models. Biased data comes from biased humans, so how do we circumvent that? Can we align AI with human values, and of course who determines what those values are?

Now, narrow-use cases mean it’s very unlikely that AI would develop “a mind of its own.” It’s unlikely that your Tesla will become sentient. The goal in this stage of development is to create authenticity in AI and the user experience (think chat bots and the like).

And then we pivot into quantum computing, Melissa’s next potential career step!

If you’ve heard the term and are curious to understand more and put it into perspective, Melissa gives us a great summary.

One of the impending impacts of quantum computing is on our current encryption models and systems. If you’re familiar with Shor’s Algorithm, you’ll know what it could do in the hands of a quantum computer. We could (and probably should) be seeing wholesale changes to the structure and systems of our cybersecurity in the very near future.

So how does one build a meaningful “career” in a burgeoning field, while maintaining control over their choices and commitments?

And then there’s the impact that starting a career and getting into the working world has upon other interests and hobbies, which get pushed to the wayside, almost intentionally. As we talk about often on this show, we need to recognize the need to be intentional about our projects, hobbies and interests. We can’t count on them to materialize naturally.

“Shape your life and your calendar around what matters to you!”

Keep the conversation going with Melissa, check out her site and leave a message. We even preview possible future Puttyverse Panel discussions, something new for the community…

It’s an episode chock full of learning, inspiration, ideas and excitement!

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