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How the Puttyverse Helped Marta on her Coaching Journey – The MultiPod 106

Many puttypeep will recognize Marta Giani from her coaching sessions where Puttyverse members helped her gain experience while also talking about their options and challenges for jobs, careers and, really, life in general.

Thanks to the help and support of her fellow puttypeep, Marta is now on the verge of entering a new phase of her own career journey, and developing a life and career coaching business.

Our conversation on The MultiPod between Marta, Vanessa and Ted touches on what attracted her to coaching, how it’s a great occupation for multipotentialites, and how she balances her energy as an introvert.

We talk about having the permission to explore hobbies and passions, and push back at the structured, working world which insists on specialization and mastery of skills.

Marta reveals that, over the years, she found it was she herself who was forcing her to conform to those stereotypes and expectations more than outside pressures.

Letting go of that internal pressure, and allowing yourself to say no, has been a breakthrough as a multipotentialite at this stage of life and career.

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