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How Do Multipotentialites Approach Politics? With Joel C. – The MultiPod 110

This episode of The MultiPod tackles a subject we’ve never broached before: politics.

Puttypeep Joel Corcoran joins us with his perspective from years of working in the political realm, as a patent lawyer in Washington, DC, to working in constituency services in his home state of Oregon, for Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

Joel and MultiPod co-host Ted circle around the fundamental question of how multipotentialites have particular strengths when it comes to the many multi-faceted jobs within politics; jobs that are perfect for professional generalists who love change and variety.

But there are also the many jobs and positions in politics that are confined to their specific roles and place, the jobs where if you step out of your “lane,” you’ll hear about it (and quickly).

Political offices can seem like a mixing of oil and water: the specialists narrowly focused on their area of expertise, and the generalists who want more of a global understanding of how things work. They don’t always mix together well, and undermining it further is the Washington, DC Beltway culture of, “You’re just supposed to know how it works.”

Needless to say, the type of work environment with its fair share of challenges and pressure.

But this episode is ultimately about understanding the nature of partisanship and division, our general lack of dialogue and communication, the gotcha politics and sound bites, and how that filters down to the ground level, as witnessed by someone like Joel, at the receiving end of daily rants and complaints.

Joel shares with us how he responds to this direct exposure to politics, the dangerous moment he found himself in, and his plans for a podcast and in-person event that looks to bridge divides and work on solving problems. 

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