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How Community is Helping Jef Masereel on His Journey – The MultiPod 084

Puttystar Jef Masereel joins us on The MultiPod with host Ted for an engaging conversation on the value of community and the support it brings, as we navigate major life changes.

Jef completed his Masters degree in engineering this past year, an experience that left him feeling that classic multipod mix of excitement about opportunities and adventures, while apprehension towards making the right commitments.

The support of community not only helped him in finishing his degree, but also encouraged him to forge his own path and be confident in figuring out his journey. And it even led to him finding a roommate!

Ted and Jef chat about the strengths of both online and in-person community, and finding the right amount of reliance on digital tools, including knowing when to reach out for an in-person meetup. Jef recently celebrated his one-year anniversary in The Puttyverse, and it is a delight to get to know his story!

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You’re about to Learn…

  • How Jef jumped in to become a co-facilitor of Putty groups, and led Tuesday Focus Parties.
  • How his recent ADD diagnosis helped Jef find clarity and focus.
  • About the career counsellor who referred to Emilie’s book!
  • About building your own path, forging your own journey, instead of the “standard” way, especially coming out of university. Your peers are all applying for jobs and looking for stability and good income. But you want variety and flexibility, too.
  • The value of digital tools: finding the right people, filtering out the ones who don’t fit.
  • The value of the in-person experience: connection you can only get physically, which can advance your projects too.

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