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How Chichi Shifted from Law to Opera: Your Favorite Hit Songs Go Classical! – The MultiPod 109

The fabulous Chichi Enu joins us on The MultiPod to share a classic multipotentialite story: born in Nigeria, then moving to the United States, studying to become a lawyer and passing the bar, becoming a licensed attorney, then shifting to becoming an opera singer, yet with a twist: pop songs sung opera style, which you’ll find on her YouTube channel!

Chichi, Vanessa, and Ted explore a journey of all kinds: Queer, ADHD, Nigerian-American self-love advocate, entrepreneur, YouTuber & classically-trained singer. Chichi talks willingly and openly about her mental health journey, self-love and compassion, and how she intersperses those topics with her singing. 

Her channel features unique fusions of popular songs into opera/classical versions; see how many you can recognize! Chichi’s joy, energy, and honesty will inspire bold and courageous action from her fellow multipotentialites. With some helpful behind-the-scenes YouTube tips as well. 😉

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Time stamps:

01:04 Getting to Know Chi Chi: The Opera Singer and YouTuber
02:10 Chi Chi’s Unexpected Journey into Law
04:43 Chi Chi’s Transition from Law to Music
08:02 Chi Chi’s Unique Approach to Opera and Music
11:37 The Process of Creating Opera Covers of Popular Songs
22:19 Intersectionality and Identity
23:49 The Importance of Openness and Compassion
25:51 The Power of Self-Love and Self-Compassion
27:02 The Role of Music in Mental Health
27:13 The Challenges of Pursuing a Career in Opera
39:08 The Impact of Ageism in the Music Industry
41:44 The Future: YouTube and Beyond
44:33 Final Thoughts and Reflections

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