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Hat Collecting with Lacey Artemis – The MultiPod 087

Did you know that there’s another podcast out there that talks to multipotentialites?

It’s called Hat Collecting, and we’re happy to share it!

Lacey Artemis is the host, and she’s also a renewed member of the Puttyverse, returning to the community in early 2022 after many years away.

While The MultiPod starts with the multipotentialite people and gets to know their professions and hobbies, Hat Collecting starts with multipotentialite careers and activities and discovers the people who work in them.

It’s primarily a video podcast, but you can find it on your audio podcast apps.

Lacey¬†was fascinated with meeting people who have different hobbies and jobs, that seem to have no link to each other. For instance, a dog trainer, a makeup artist and a mushroom hunter (Episode #11). She was looking for a podcast or YouTube channel that explored this but it didn’t exist, so in 2020 she created it herself.

Co-hosts Vanessa and Ted talk to Lacey about her multipotentialite experience, ADHD, entrepreneurship, the creative interviewing process, hockey pads, and, of course, hats.

Join us to learn the story of Hat Collecting and the many adventures Lacey’s had in putting it (and other shows) together.

All of our episodes can be streamed here. Or you can find and subscribe to the show on your favourite podcast app.

You’re about to Learn…

  • How Lacey discovered trying interviewing was the best way to find out if she would enjoy it.
  • Did it feel natural for her to appear on camera, or did it take some getting used to?
  • How Lacey’s ADHD necessitates a structure for her show, forcing an adaptation but with also just enough room for flexibility.
  • That although her initial freelance experiment did not work out, it’s not something she’s giving up on.
  • The value of a mastermind group in achieving our goals and being inspired by others.
  • How she ended up on a podcast talking about artwork on sports equipment!
  • Does Lacey actually collect hats? Like, real hats?

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