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Empowering Women in a Patriarchal Society with Eden Tadesse – The MultiPod 090

Eden Tadesse joins The MultiPod this week to share her remarkable life story, which is very much only at its beginning.

One of 12 children, including 9 daughters, born into a very patriarchal society in Ethiopia, Eden grew up with a father who chose to raise his daughters as “fierce, bad-ass women,” empowering them to pursue their dreams, believe in themselves, and not let anyone or anything stand in their way.

Eden was a proud multipod and non-conformist even from a young age, and her father cheered her on every step of the way.

She and her siblings grew up in the slums of Addis Ababa, yet they went to the top private school in the country. Witnessing the stark contrast of what life is like on both sides of the economic spectrum has given her and her family profound perspective on the nature of relationships, wealth, and opportunity.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Cristy, Vanessa, and Ted chat with Eden about her work and her many projects. From developing a passion for IT as a student, to her university experience in India, her ambition to fight human trafficking by working at Interpol, her fascination with cybersecurity, the NGO she founded to serve refugees and displaced youth, a different NGO she also works for empowering youth in Africa, her new podcast on women in STEM, her e-book “Relish Through Rebellion” that tells her life story, and her recent discovery that her ikigai is to become a productivity coach – it’s a biography that will leave you amazed, astounded, inspired, and excited to witness where she’ll go next.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • About the social impact sector: Technology as it intersects with humanitarian and social impact.
  • Invicta, the NGO Eden founded to serve refugees and internally displaced youth. Their focus is on employment, education and mental health, and they recently celebrated their 3 year anniversary.
  • Ambitious Africa, a different NGO where Eden is CEO. Their focus is on Sustainable Development Goals, youth empowerment and entrepereneurship.
  • Eden’s “STEM Setoch” podcast, newly launched in March, 2022, featuring 25 female professionals from 25 different countries who share their stories about how they came to study in STEM. The goal is to inspire young female high school students, espeiclaly in the face of cultural norms.
  • How Eden wrote her e-book “Rebellion,” telling the story of her childhood, and the time her and her sister were kidnapped. Yes, kidnapped. That and 9 other times when she thought her life was going to end.


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