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Deb’s Lightbulb Moment: Just Do It – The MultiPod 099

We enter the 5th anniversary week of The MultiPod, starting with Episode #099, published 5 years to the day from Episode #001 (What Does Multipotentiality Mean to You).

Episode 99 welcomes Deb Bilger, and quickly evolves into a conversation on “place,” a common theme here over many episodes. Deb and co-host Vanessa both live in Edmonton, Alberta, and even co-host Ted spent a few short months there in between jobs.

We chat about commonalities and the not-so-distinct nature of the city, where streets are numbered and the suburbs are uniform. It can be quite nice though, Edmonton certainly has its merits.

But how did Deb end up there, having grown up and spent formative years in Toronto, Ontario? In fact, it’s an adventurous tale that starts with a true “lightbulb moment:” when Deb suddenly realized one day that she was ready to quit her job, sell virtually everything and move to Santiago, Chile to immerse herself in Spanish.

The takeaway: Just do it.

But “it” doesn’t have to be a big life-changing decision. You can have moments like that every day, which is another valuable lesson.

Deb spent most of her time in Chile teaching Business English, but networking and serendipitous connections also led to some pretty unique and profound opportunities. She found herself translating, from Spanish into English, sensitive, raw testimonials from the August, 2010 CopiapĆ³ Mining disaster in Chile, where all 33 trapped miners were successfully rescued after 69 days.

And she had already lived through her own trauma, the 2010 Chilean earthquake, 8.8 on the scale for 3 minutes!

Then we switch to learning about writing and translating labels for Chilean wine, where the payment is sometimes made in bottles. šŸ˜‰

Language is another common theme on The MultiPod, and we find ourselves talking about dreaming in another language. Our subconscious brains certainly seem to know more than they are letting on to our conscious brain. It’s fascinating to consider what we don’t know we know.

Meanwhile, Deb has heard the Dalai Lama speak in person, twice. Meditation was a significant takeaway from these experiences, and these days there are useful apps to help you decompress and focus, even while waiting in your car.

Our conversation today is interspersed with numerous themes and topics, and includes a big announcement from Vanessa: A new multipod is on the way! Due date in March 2023!

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