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Community Building from the Brasilian Jungle with Ti0 – The MultiPod 102

The date was April 19, 2020, and a brand new member sat down in The MultiPod chair to introduce himself and his fascinating backstory.

He was known as Ti0, and he was not even three weeks into his Puttyverse journey. The episode was titled, “Finding the Ability to Deal with the Unknown,” an apt title not just reflective of Ti0’s life changes but the state that we were all in at the time, one month into the pandemic.

Today, Ti0 is a well-entrenched, active, and influential participant in the Puttyverse experience, to the extent where he even has a new position: “Community Coordinator,” or at least that’s what we’re calling it for now! It’s a bit of an “everything & anything” role that fills a gap in the administrative structure of the community, and is, of course, perfect for a multipotentialite.

The announcement in March of Ti0’s new position led to Ted approaching Ti0 to reconnect and share his ideas for activities going forward, and find out more about how he ended up with this new role. Not even thinking that it was anywhere close to the same time-frame of when he was first on the show.

We connected on April 14, 2023, and quickly realized how coincidental the timing was. This episode is being published on April 19, 2023 – three years to the day after Ti0’s first appearance on The MultiPod.

Ti0 continues to live in the Brasilian jungle, seemingly remote and isolated from everything. In fact, it’s a place with deep ties to community and to the retreat centre nearby, where he worked for the past 8 years. He has now left that position, but while he maintains connections there, the Puttyverse’s impact on his life has increased.

We chat about place, wandering, and then staying put. The end perhaps of the physical journey and the start of the metaphysical. Ti0 has had many pensive thoughts about the nature of home and his own association with “home,” having grown up in Mumbai, then moving to and living in Seattle for years, and now very much settled in Brasil. Did they all feel like “home” at the time? How does one resolve themselves to a place that is no longer, and will likely never again be, your home?

We chat about letting go and moving to the next chapter in life. The ayuhuasca retreat centre was a big part of Ti0’s life, and he recently went through that moment that so much of us encounter in our multipotentialite journey: letting go of the thing you’ve loved and done for a long time. You know it’s time, you know you’re ready, but how easy is it to close the book? How much do you even need to “close” the book?

Tune in to hear Ti0’s thoughts on the Puttyverse experience, how it’s evolved and changed from his perspective over the past three years, and hear his answer on whether he’s an introvert or extrovert…what would be your guess?!

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