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“Be Bold and Follow the Fun” – Esther’s Entrepreneurial Journey – The MultiPod 104

Esther Bennett started an entrepreneurial life a few years ago, delving into coaching fellow entrepreneurs with their businesses. She relishes the challenge of taking ideas to the next level, identifying strengths and helping people transform, to make the most of their potential.

Her own challenge came down to learning how to focus on specific ideas and offers for her business, which can be a struggle for multipotentialites when there are just so many paths you can choose.

On this episode of The MultiPod, Esther and host Ted get into an engaging discussion about Esther’s take on multipotentiality, and how we each find our own way of identifying with it. For her, it’s not necessarily about trying as many things as possible, but maintaining enough variety to not get stuck in any one thing. Her business life has allowed her to see what works and what’s sustainable for her life and habits.

Nicheing down, pricing, marketing, project work, and trial offers are all topics we discuss. Esther combines her business pursuits with a part-time job for the variety and the social contact. But she knows she will never work full-time for someone else again! The freedom and possibilities of being an entrepreneur are too enticing.

We also chat a bit about life in the Netherlands, green space and cycling, and the ever-intriguing concept of space and distance. And, for all of our Dutch speakers, check out Esther’s own podcast about entrepreneurship, making choices, taking action and having fun.

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