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An Illumination of What It is to Be Multipotentialite with Jessica Tudos – The MultiPod 089

Do we ever “figure it out?” For good and forever? Is that even a worthwhile goal?

Today on The MultiPod, special guest Jessica Tudos sits down with co-hosts Cristy and Ted to share the story of her amazing multipotentialite life, knowing instinctively even from a young age that she couldn’t just do the “one thing.” Even after committing to something as incredibly intensive and driven as Olympic-level gymnastics.

Jessica shares her Olympic journey, how she started out in gymnastics at eight-years-old and went to the Olympics representing Canada at age 15.

For some athletes, this could represent the beginning of lifelong immersion in a sport, and a career therein. How did Jessica make the decision and transition from an all-consuming activity to pursuing all kinds of other interests and opportunities?

Jessica’s “portfolio career” has led her to having 66 “jobs” over the years, mostly by design and intention! These days, Jessica is an “Edupreneur,” with training in formal education, especially experiential education (“learn-by-doing”).

As an educator, she teaches college courses on life skills, that are applicable to all kinds of work and daily situations.

As an entrepreneur, she helps people manage their clutter and overwhelm, both in a physical and psychological sense. She created the “Tudos Technique,” a 5-step system that helps eliminate clutter, whether files on your desk, files on your computer or the files in your head.

We chat about finding the courage within ourselves to “defend” ourselves and our career choices, when facing the inevitable push-back from peers and associates who say, “why don’t you just choose one thing?”

And yet, who, in the end, has given her the greatest resistance?

Fortunately, joining the Puttyverse has helped her define herself and her career. Just like filling our “buckets,” we each need to fulfill our core elements. No matter what you may do specifically, if you can satisfy your core elements – the things that you need to do, or a certain lifestyle or structure – you’re on your way to finding contentment in the moment.

Jessica’s life is the story of an adventure of opportunities presenting themselves.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • Did Jessica always dream and plan on going to the Olympics? How did it happen?
  • How the kids book Jessica wrote exemplifies her own life.
  • We talk about the nature of contentment and what it can mean to different people.
  • How multiple skills and experience are becoming more commonplace, but the workplace hasn’t yet caught up to the marketplace.
  • What if we set up our own physical “stations:” the tools, the space, the environment that facilitates creativity, projects, hobbies, work; so that they are readily accessible to act upon when the moment of inspiration strikes or the opportunity arrives.

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