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A Puttyverse of Joy and Appreciation with Kaytu – TMP 083

The MultiPod is back with regular episodes, kicking off with a great conversation between hosts Vanessa and Ted, and special guest Kaytu.

We begin by recounting K’s journey through a summer of discovery, adventure, challenges, injury, opportunity, and a classic multipod awakening moment – leading to a passionately complete and unexpected career change.

Kaytu emphasizes that the Puttyverse played a central role in this experience. From advice, support, ideas and suggestions, supportive shoulders and open minds, the community came through as it always does.

And so our conversation today evolves into a celebration of joy and appreciation for this wonderful group of people, for those who keep it running smoothly, for those who donate their time and expertise to help out strangers that become new friends, and for the existence of a positive, welcoming space that is a rock in our lives.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • How The Puttyverse helped Kaytu explore new career paths, get practical help for things like resume building, and became a sounding board for ideas and dreams.
  • Why K needed to move on from the business and work that had been paying the bills.
  • What it felt like to experience that breakthrough moment of clarity and commitment to a new profession.
  • What makes the Puttyverse stand out from other online communities: it’s a social experience more than anything.
  • Kaytu’s passion for spiritual development and life coaching, as well as becoming a new facilitator for the Spirituality group.
  • About the next Offers and Needs Market, coming up November 20!

Resources Mentioned in This Episode