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A Fynbos Life: Levi’s Journey of Rebirth – The MultiPod 085

Native Capetonian Levi joins us on The MultiPod for a moving conversation on expectations, change, adaptation, and perseverance.

Fynbos is a South African plant known for its brilliant colours, rich scent, and importance to the water cycle, but also for its life of blossoming, then burning out through brush fires, followed by rebirth.

Levi’s journey mirrors this experience, as he tells a remarkable story of growing up in South Africa, coming to Chicago on a tennis scholarship, studying pre-med, and then, 3 weeks from graduating, finding himself in the hospital, in the psychiatric ward.

From there, in the throes of burnout, came the need to recognize and understand a feeling of disconnection to his own body, and to reconcile with different parts of himself: gender, faith, and family.

Today, Levi embraces the rebirth stage of his journey: a burgeoning teaching, tutoring and counselling business, many diverse projects and ideas on the side, and finding an inner peace with his gender transition.

It is a powerful, candid discussion about releasing ourselves from expectations, and discovering deep, profound honesty.

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You’re about to Learn…

  • How Levi’s teaching business is a great one for multipotentialites, as it offers lots of variety, and pretty much anyone can do it, from anywhere.
  • About the nature of expectations, and coming to terms with disappointment.
  • About the common bonds of addiction, regardless of how it may appear on the surface.
  • What the experience was like of coming out as transgender. Not wanting to become the next statistic.
  • Why the Constitution of South Africa, written far more recently than that of the United States, is of crucial importance in a country which still has severe transphobia and homophobia.
  • Vanessa’s experiences as well, of her husband’s transition, and the support they are so fortunate to have, but also the process of grieving the gender assigned at birth.
  • The importance of being candid about the experience, yet acknowledging the burden that places on the individual who has transitioned.
  • How many people want to be compassionate, but don’t know how. And in turn, there are many people trying to understand gender transition, but the way they are trying to understand is even more harmful.
  • What is our role as individuals, to improve understanding and acceptance?

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