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Write Your Stories and Be Confident! The Universe Needs Your Creativity with Heather U-K – TMP 033

Gillian takes the microphone today for an outstanding, in-depth conversation with the Puttyverse’s Heather Ussery-Knight – one of the community’s chief motivators and architects.

Heather is currently overseeing Puttycomps #4, a recurring collaborative project in the Puttyverse, the focus this time on writing short stories.

She’s a passionate writer and multipotentialite, whose Lizard Dreaming website explores creativity through symbolism. Her interests include singing, martial arts, playing and writing about video games, photography, metalsmithing, 3-D printing, knitting, quilting, paper making, book-binding, and scuba diving.

In this episode, she shares deep insight into the mentality of writing, embracing your inner critic and how to feel confident and deserving, right down to crafting your characters, story arc and creating a hook.

If you’re looking for a boost of enthusiasm and adrenaline, of practical instruction combined with deeper psychology, take the time to listen in to this great discussion on the merits of writing, imagination, and the value of your creativity.

You’re about to Learn…

  • The benefits of having an inner critic.
  • What the Empty Chair process is and how it benefits writers.
  • Box breathing, meditation, and how to check in on your body.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [02:00] Some of the ways we can overcome our inner critics.
  • [6:34] What are the benefits of having inner critics?
  • [12:13] The Empty Chair Process
  • [19:56] Is ruminating a characteristic of creative people?
  • [22:22] What is your approach in finding the key emotion in your story?
  • [31:20] How do you create a hook?
  • [37:13] How do you end the story?
  • [43:04] Do you use an outline?
  • [45:46] Do you like strong endings?
  • [50:15] How do you come to terms with characters you don’t like?
  • [55:27] How do you approach research in the writing process?
  • [58:09] Do you have a writing schedule?
  • [1:02:42] What compels you to write?
  • [1:11:21] Getting out of our own way
  • [1:17:14] Do you use breathing exercises to inspire inspiration in your work?
  • [1:18:12] How do you gain the confidence to put your work out there?

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