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The Wild and Wacky Character Arcs of a Multipotentialite Life – TMP 015

What do a #1 cannabis website, acting lessons from Billy Zane, and falling off a cliff to end up on the Wheel of Fortune TV show have in common?

Lucas Young, of course.

Regular show host, Ted Cragg, sits down with his fellow puttypeep to talk about all the fascinating aspects of a life of exploration. Lucas is a filmmaker at heart and there are many references to that craft in addition to key insights about living on your terms and failing continuously until you see what sticks.

Our lives can sometimes feel like an unrelated series of events and Lucas shares examples of how to pivot and use what you have learned for your “next big thing.” It’s a recognition of the constant challenges of balancing creativity and commercial success – which can absolutely exist at the same life.

“People will accept your story if it doesn’t quite fit the mold… as long as it’s something that’s consistent and true to your values and who you are.” – Lucas Young

You’re about to Learn…

  • How starting a website on a joke can lead to millions of followers and a life of freedom.
  • That your unique personal journey has already taught you so much about what to do next.
  • How to embrace local cultures in creative ways while traveling.
  • Why the only thing stopping you from just about anything is your own fear.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [00:00] Introductions: Lucas’s travels from New Zealand to London
  • [06:02] A career journey through film and science
  • [11:23] Coming of age and recognizing the common links between your projects and your life
  • [17:22] Balancing the “to-do” vs. the “done” and the road to commercial success as a creative
  • [25:32] Multi-tasking tips and the project to build a world map of puttypeep

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