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Why Do Multipotentialites Make Great Parents? with Matt – TMP 049

In the always exciting, always challenging world of parenting, what are the strengths of multipotentialites? Are we more adaptable, better responsive, open, and flexible to our kids’ needs and interests?

And to what extent can multipotentiality be nurtured? How much is dependent on environment, and how much on genes?

Host Ted and guest Matt G. from Australia, both dads of two young kids, gather to chat about these questions and share crib notes about parenting.

If you’re a parent yourself, especially of young’ns under 10, we know you’ll resonate with this one. Listen in while you’re doing the dishes or changing those diapers!

Topics & Timestamps

  • [4:35 ] How Matt discovered multipotentiality.
  • [6:46] Matt’s professional occupation, with a twist.
  • [7:55] The nature of commitment. First to your job, but then to having kids.
  • [12:51] Do you think people are born as multipotentialites?
  • [14:27] As a teacher, does Matt see multipotentiality blossom in his students?
  • [15:33] How much should we push/encourage our kids to pursue activities and interests.
  • [17:52] Parents are like detectives, analyzing what makes their kids come alive.
  • [19:17] The bold decision Matt’s parents took for him when he was 15 years old.
  • [20:20] How Matt approaches balance between his parenting and having time for his own interests and projects
  • [22:35] Struggling with feelings of resentment over the time demands of the kids.
  • [24:23] Why do multipotentialites make great parents?
  • [25:11] A valuable lesson for multipotentialite parents.
  • [26:10] Matt talks about his ideas and plans for his professional future.
  • [28:54 ] Matt gives a shout-out to the Puttyverse’s Accountabilibuddy program
  • [30:19] We shift gears, and address the current, extreme situation with the Australian bushfires, and how they’re affecting Matt, people he knows, and the country in general.
  • [33:32 ] Your Puttypeep of the Week: Miriam (@Patienceltd)

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