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Who Are Our Role Models? – TMP 024

Multipotentialites can feel alone in the world (at least until they discover the Puttyverse!).

So where do we look for inspiration and guidance? Where do we find our role models?

Sara, Vanessa, Sandrine, and Ted share their thoughts on role models for multipotentialites, some of the specific people who have inspired us, and how to find the right fit as your life continues to change.

Inspired by Kristin Wong’s blog post on Puttylike, we consider the concept of the “Frankenstein” role model: putting bits and pieces together to create a hybrid image of someone. Since we are each a construct of our own interests and passions, we cannot expect to find a role model that mirrors our own, individual lives. So we create one!

Plus, we ask: how can we be role models ourselves? Is it a conscious construction, or simply letting others discover what makes us inspiring? Can multipotentialites be a different kind of role model, broad yet specific at the same time?

Listen in to hear more, and join in the discussion on the Puttyverse forum.

You’re about to Learn…

  • The value of the anti role-model: someone who inspires you to do the opposite.
  • What it’s like having a parent as a multipotentialite role model.
  • Why multipotentialites are the next generation’s role models.
  • If there’s a difference between role models and inspirations.
  • Being a good role model yourself.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [1:41] The inspiration for this episode: The blog post “How to Find a Role Model as a Multipotentialite” on Puttylike.
  • [3:10] How to “Frankenstein” your role models: creating an intersection, or hybrid model.
  • [6:30] Multipotentialites need multiple role models.
  • [9:24] Start looking for role models different from yourself.
  • [10:44] Have your eyes wide, wide open!
  • [16:13] Vanessa’s role models, including Ellen DeGeneres, her mother’s struggle through adversity, and her father’s impact as a multipotentialite.
  • [22:40] The role model that has been the driving force in Sandrine’s life.
  • [25:58] Why we are the next generation’s role models.
  • [27:05] The importance of the Puttyverse, our community of multipotentialites.
  • [30:37] Inspirations versus Role Models: is there a difference?
  • [33:28] How the Internet gives us access to so many more potential role models
  • [36:27] On being role models ourselves
  • [37:13] On getting over the feelings of vanity and self-consciousness about talking about yourself
  • [39:12] On bringing good people into this world, and being their role models

Resources Mentioned in This Episode