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The Multipotentialite Blogger with Atiba Shaikh – TMP 025

Multipotentialites take to blogging like cats to catnip. It’s addictive, it can be energizing, and it leaves you wanting more.

Of all the platforms available, it’s blogging that offers perhaps the best means to indulge in creativity that is open and unconstrained. With video, or even audio, our brains and instincts are used to more logical structure and flow, like serial episodes or consistent themes that concentrate on a singular topic.

Blogging can be this way too, but the nature of the written word allows for far more interpretation, twists, and turns. In other words, perfect for a multipotentialite!

In this episode, Ted speaks with Atiba Shaikh, a young and talented blogger from India. She shares her journey, her motivations, and her objectives. After completing a 30-day blogging challenge, she was captured by the possibilities and opportunities of blogging – enough to leave her questioning her future in medicine and considering an entrepreneurial path with blogging about personal development as the foundation.

We focus on how blogging caters to multipotentialites, where to begin, and how to find an overarching theme to give your writing consistency amongst multiple topics.

You’re about to Learn…

  • How to frame writing in multiple topics to the average reader.
  • The value of blogging mentors and the struggle to find one who understands multipotentialites.
  • How Medium works and why it can help to share your writing beyond your own blog.
  • Where to put your primary focus: content creation.

Topics & Timestamps

  • [01:41] Atiba’s background and life in India.
  • [12:35] The start of her blogging journey.
  • [14:24] How to hook the reader when you have multiple interests and don’t want to focus on just one subject.
  • [16:18] Can we let the writing speak for itself, or do you have to explain yourself to your readers (i.e. an About page)?
  • [17:21] Is Atiba someone who takes action quickly or needs to think about it a lot first?
  • [19:25] Is it worthwhile having guidance or a mentor when blogging?
  • [21:43] An explanation of Medium and how it works.
  • [24:44] Atiba talks about her 30-day blogging challenge.
  • [29:41] Her new website and business that will focus on helping multipotentialites specifically.
  • [31:23] What multipotentialites struggle with when it comes to blogging.
  • [32:35] Why both blogging and podcasting instruction need to focus more on how to create quality content.
  • [36:17] Where Atiba might be in 2 years.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode