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The Beauty of Darkness with Flo Stummer – TMP 074

The MultiPod takes you on an adventure to northern Sweden, to the city of Skellefteå, overlooking the Gulf of Bothnia. The city lies at 64°N latitude, similar to Iceland, Baffin Island, and the northern reaches of Canada. It thus has very short days in the winter, and very long ones in the summer.

Show co-host, Flo, visited this extraordinary place in December 2020, and explored not just a different culture and lifestyle, but to understand the meaning of “darkness.”

He went in tempered by common stereotypes surrounding “cold,” “the north,” “snow” and, most of all, “the dark.” Yet he emerged with a wondrous sense of warmth, community, and perspective on life in “the south,” questioning where our society places its priorities and values.

Listen in and be immersed in the journey. Perhaps the “Northern Mindset” could be the salvation to our post-pandemic recovery.

You’re about to Learn…

  • What is darkness? How to define it?
  • How does the dark city fit into the light theme of Christianity.
  • Why do we fear darkness? Is it simply nikotophobia?
  • How the inner light, of the people, helps fight the darkness.
  • Flo’s realization, while standing in the wind and snow, under the lighthouse.
  • Why we need to change our mindset on cold, darkness and winter.

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